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Monday, November 11, 2013

Faux Fur Fever

Happy Monday, Friends! 
Hope everyone had a fab weekend!

For those who live in Georgia, you know how bipolar the weather is. One day it is hot and the next it is freezing. Finding an outfit that fits with the weather is rather hard. I found that wearing jeans, booties, and a simple tee will mix well with hot or cold weather. This weekend while shopping I was fortunate to find this to-die-for faux fur vest. Since it has been pretty cold lately, this vest is the perfect essential for an outfit. It looks good and keeps you warm. And by warm, I mean hot. This fur vest (and most others I have) really does its job by keeping me warm and I loveeee that! PLUS, it's an outfit popper & who doesn't love that? Knowing what to pair with the vest can be hard, so for this outfit I picked one of the main colors in the vest and tried to match it with a shirt. Here I chose a cream shirt, but a black, brown, or even grey shirt would look lovely as well. For those who are reading this post and saying to yourself "I could never wear a fur vest", I would say to you: never doubt yourself because sometimes once you put the item of clothing on you might actually like it! So, I encourage all of you ladies to try something new that you normally wouldn't wear and go out feeling good in it!

Faux Fur Vest- Forever 21 
Jeans- Forever 21 
Booties- Forever 21 
Handbag- Elliot Lucca 
All Jewels - Forever 21

Photographed by: Haley Dawn Photography