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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Leopard & Stripes

Welcome, my friends! 

Today marks my first blog post-- which I am ecstatic about. To help you get to know me a little... I am a 19 year old fashion lover, happily taken by my sweet boyfriend, Charlie. I'm majoring in Fashion Merchandising and attached at the hip with my two little Dachshunds- Gracie & Tate. All my life I have been interested in fashion and the latest trends. My outfits contain a variety of different styles and I felt that by blogging I would be able to inspire some of you ladies out there with the outfits I post. So with that said I hope you all enjoy! 

Here I am wearing the best pair of leggings I own... faux leather leggings. As soon as I saw them coming out in stores I just had to buy a pair...I couldn't resist. These leggings will really dress up your whole outfit no matter what you pair them with. For this look, I paired them with a striped tee and an army green jacket to help give it a fall look. Not to mention, the necklace is definitely a staple which helps brings out the black in the leggings. AND you cannot forget the leopard pumps which I am proud to say I scored for a whopping $8.00 on sale at the fabulous Target.

Army Green Jacket- Urban Outfitters | B&W Stripe Shirt- Forever 21 | Necklace- H&M | Leggings- Forever 21 | Leopard Pumps- Target | Handbag- Steve Madden

Photographed by: Haley Dawn Photography